Plan of Study

2018 Spring2018 Summer2018 Fall2019 Spring2019 Summer2019 Fall
EAP 508FRSC 513FRSC 530FRSC 511FRSC 790FRSC 610
INYO 504FRSC 570FRSC 550FRSC 512
FRSC 500FRSC 580FRSC 590
FRSC 510FRSC 600
13 credits6 credits9 credits10 credits3 credits4 credits
PrefixCourse NumberTitleCredits
FRSC500Introduction to Forensic Science3
FRSC510Basic Crime Scene Analysis3
FRSC511Advanced Crime Scene Analysis3
FRSC512Physical Evidence Analysis3
FRSC513Forensic Photography3
FRSC530Law and Forensic Science3
FRSC550Issues in Anthropology3
FRSC570Introduction to Biochemical Forensics3
FRSC580Image Analysis in Forensic Science3
FRSC590Medicolegal Death Investigation and Pathology3
FRSC600Forensics Seminar1
FRSC610Forensics Research Project4
FRSC790Internship in Forensic Science43106